Odegbemi’s Unrequited Love Secret- A Story Of Pain and Regret


Mama Adio telling her grandchildren story

Mama Adio is a story of an old woman who shares her secret love tale to her grand children on a fateful night.

“Odegbemi secretly admired Aramide even though they were neighbors. They had been childhood friends and he had craved for a moment with Aramide for years to express his true feelings. But unfortunately, he never got to truly express himself.” Mama Adio narrated to her ever anticipating audience that night.

Every night, Mama Adio narrated at least one story to her grandchildren. She would sit in the midst of little children and her grandchildren in a family house and tell different stories.

One fateful night, Mama Adio wasn’t looking cheerful. So, Omoboriola, one of her listeners, observed and enquired to know what had happened. Mama heaved a heavy sigh and looked up to the grandchildren who were expecting another interesting story. “I will tell you a story tonight,” Mama Adio retorted.

“We will definitely like to hear it Mama, if it made you this down. Or what do you all say?” Omoboriola asked the other grandchildren, and they all echoed, “Yes, we would love to hear it.”

“Tonight’s story is a true-life story and I want you all to pay attention to it very well. By the end of the story, I will unveil a mystery to you all,” she began. “Please Tade, get me a glass of water,” she turned to one of the children seated. “Right away, Mama Adio,” Tade responded and made his way to get the water. As soon as Tade brought the water, Mama Adio took a sip and started her story.

She cleared her throat. “About 60 years ago in Ajeromi village, there once lived a trader. He had a wife and two beautiful daughters: Aramide and Ademide. Not only were the girls beautiful, they were also polite and reflected all the qualities of true African children. The trader, known as Mr. Badmus, had relocated to the village because of peace and business opportunities, but still toured other cities.

He had a friend, Odesola who was a renowned hunter. Odesola had a son, Odegbemi, who was very handsome. As a result of the good friendship between both men, their wives and children became friends. In fact, the children attended the same primary and secondary school.

Ademide was older while Aramide and Odegbemi were about the same age. So, Aramide and Odegbemi were mostly together. Aramide was from a wealthy home but was very humble and free with Odegbemi, who was from a little above average home.

Aramide and Odegbemi played and studied together. And as time went by, Odegbemi fondly called Ode by Ara developed feelings for Ara, but couldn’t tell her for fear of losing their friendship. They both maintained a healthy friendship and their parents appreciated their bond.

Aramide was a lovable girl who had many admirers but she always told Ode who would only smile. To her, Ode was her bosom friend and they both liked each other’s company.
Mr. Badmus came home with a news one fateful day that they would be relocating to the city immediately after their children’s WAEC. He said he would love his children to further their education and live a better life than his.

Upon hearing this, Aramide made her way to Odegbemi’s house only to find him looking sad. She demanded to know what’s wrong with Odegbemi. The following dialogue ensued between them

Odegbemi: My Dad just informed me that you people would be relocating very soon.

Aramide: (Tries to pacify him) Is that why you’re now sad? Don’t worry; it’s just the city and I would always come visiting,”

Odegbemi: You will not understand, Ara.

Aramide: (looking puzzled) Is it beyond this relocation or is there something you’re not telling me about? When the time comes, you will know. If you say so.

Few months later, Ara and her family relocated and left their address with the Odesolas. Their results soon came out and they both excelled. For the first few months after the Badmus relocated, Ara kept in touch. Ode battled with expressing his feelings to Ara but for a reason he couldn’t explain, he kept it unknown.

That same year, Ara gained admission into the University and went to share the news with Ode. However, Ode upon hearing the news was both excited and sad. In short, he reflected a mixed feeling. Ara couldn’t hold it anymore and asked him what was bothering him. Rather than Ode opening up, he only smiled and said he would tell her after her graduation. They both hugged for a while, and Ara left.

While Ara was in school studying, Ode also learnt trading due to his love for business. He decided to work hard to be a better man for Ara. He planned to reveal his intention after her degree programme so that they could marry. All these plans and intention were known to only him; Ara wasn’t aware.

For the first two years of Ara’s stay in the university, she kept thinking about Ode and wished he asked her out. She had overtime developed feelings for him as well but she thought Ode only saw her as a sister. What a pity! By the time she was in 300l, she met a guy named Daniel.

Daniel and Ara got so close and fond of each other. Still, Ara neither forgot about Ode nor stopped loving him. She later told Daniel about Ode and Daniel promised to be there for her provided she allowed him. By the time she was rounding off her second semester in her final year, Daniel had managed to divert her attention from Ode.

After few years of waiting and no contact with Aramide, Ode decided to visit the Badmus. Meanwhile, Aramide had also missed her people and decided to go say hello to them and introduce Daniel to the family. Ode was just catching up on old times with the Badmus, especially with Ademide who just completed her youth service, when Ara came in.

Seeing Ara, he became very excited and they immediately hugged each other. He had barely recovered from the emotions when Daniel came in. Oh, Ode meet Daniel, my … He barely completed her introduction before Ode stormed out.

Confused, she ran after him only to find Ode crying few blocks away from her house. ‘‘I was going to call you after getting your number from your sister and tell you I love you and would love to marry you. I couldn’t tell you back then because I felt I wasn’t good enough for you. I wanted to be a better man for you. Ara, I love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life with you’’ Ode muttered.

Ara started sobbing. ‘‘I waited so long to hear these words from you but they never came. I concluded that perhaps you only saw me as a friend.’’ Ara defended. “I’m sorry, Ode. It’s too late. Daniel and I are getting married,” she explained. Although, I don’t love Daniel as much as I loved you but I’m happy with him, Ode, and you should be happy that I am happy,” she said.

They both hugged each other and Ode left looking so dejected.

Daniel, confused at the scenario that had just occurred ran out to see Ara looking sad. “Baby, what’s going on? he asked.

Ara narrated what just happened to him and he hugged her passionately. And that was how Aramide and Ode never married.

Ode’s father married a wife for him after few years of feeling sorry for himself. Ode never stopped loving Ara. Sighs! Aramide got married to Daniel and they both lived their lives but Ara never forgot about Ode.” She concluded her story.

By the time Mama Adio finished her story, the little children were already feeling sorry for Aramide and Ode.

But Mama Adio broke the camel’s back when she revealed that she was the Aramide, and the children all expressed shock.

“You see my little ones, assumption kills. There is time for everything. A stitch in time they say, saves nine. If only Ode said those words to me before leaving for the University, things wouldn’t have ended that way,” she said. “Don’t conclude that great friendship with a lady equates courtship between you two already. Speak up to avoid stories that touches the heart like mine. Goodnight my little ones,” she advised.

She left the children who stared in disbelief and all had mixed feelings.

Author: Abigael Ibikunle

I am a lover of people and nature.. A passionate educator who enjoys public speaking. A writer whose writing can be triggered by any and everything... Abigaelibikunle@gmail.com

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