Hey! Na only me waka come

Trying not to get emotional but how can I not? I remember the first time I travelled really very far, entering the luxurious bus was 😉😉😉 and then I was all set. Of course, mum and Dad prayed their usual way, siblings called and wished me a safe trip. Sighs! That was all I could get. There wasn’t a Boo to even accompany me, not to talk of waiting with me till our bus was ready to leave.

I sat quietly by a corner, watching various people as they came to the park. Some came with their parents and some with their Boos and Baes.. Of course, there were some who came alone like moiself 😀😀. Fast forward to when the bus was about leaving. Mehn, I saw different levels of goodbyes and I just watched admiringly.

Today, I was at the airport heading somewhere as well. Somehow the thought of flying and keeping my distance brief was cool but then again, na only me waka come. To heighten the matter, my colleague came with his fiance and then I’m like, oh no! You came alone again. So, till when again will I keep traveling alone?😢😢😢..

Don’t mind me, I’m just thinking out loud. By the way, the goodbyes haven’t even started but I can already feel what it will be like 😂😂. Yes, that’s me laughing at my aloneness if that word ever existsIMG_20191207_100010_499.

Author: Abigael Ibikunle

I am a lover of people and nature.. A passionate educator who enjoys public speaking. A writer whose writing can be triggered by any and everything... Abigaelibikunle@gmail.com

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