Don’t Stop the Dream!

I realized that there is practically no cause for anything without dreams, either to sleep or to wake, talk of living or even dying. I came to a conclusion that to dream is so far a basic right and no one should be denied that privilege.

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They say every struggle has an end but somehow the end of one, opens the door to another.
In fact, they said I will rest but I am still waiting for that time of rest. Maybe I’ll find it someday.

I have barely grown and I am already tired of the different aspects of life. In my opinion, I thought life had just three stages but apparently, embedded in those three stages are phases unending. So what exactly is the reason for all these struggles?

I envy people when I see things falling in place naturally for them, I would always wonder what they did differently. The only response I got was, everyone has a different map here in this world. But then again, I’ll ask, who charted my own map? Why can’t my own map also be very easy and let things fall smoothly without much stress and hustle? Why does everything have to be struggled for?

I have always been a dreamer but suddenly, I was told to stop dreaming and start living out the ones I have dreamt. So, I was told to stop dreaming but then,was still forced to sleep every now and then. So, I wonder, how is it possible for me to sleep and not dream?

I became locked up in my thought and asked one day if anyone has ever thought about why we wake every morning. Well, maybe I’d leave you to also find answers to the question.

They said I dream so much that I became so weird and unpredictable. It was even concluded that I no longer live in this world but in the world of my dreams. Please, where else should I live? I discovered that even though I haven’t achieved much of my dreams, I have started working towards them. These dreams gave me a new direction to look through.

It’s funny today whenever I look at the chart of my journey and see how a trained mathematics educator became a media professional and thrives in the world of contents. So, was mathematics a wrong option? No.

I could remember I had personally wanted to study mathematics because I wanted to correct the mentality of young minds about mathematics. So many people today run from mathematics because they feel it is for a specific group of people and it is difficult. A big thanks to some teachers who nurtured such beliefs.

Frankly speaking, I still work towards that dream but along realizing that dream, another one was birth forth. Then, I ask this question endlessly; what is the essence of dream?

So then, does the birth of another dream implies the suspension of the first dream of impacting young minds? Never!
The former keeps pushing me and gives me so much joy whenever I work towards it, the latter helps me find expression and it passes my messages across, what do I do?

I realized that there is practically no cause for anything without dreams, either to sleep or to wake, talk of living or even dying. I came to a conclusion that to dream is so far a basic right and no one should be denied that privilege.

Abigael Ibikunle, 2017
Don’t stop the dream!

They are both dreams and even though they are almost parallel somehow, they can be knitted together depending on the way we view them.

No dream is impossible to achieve regardless of the situation surrounding the realization of such dream.

Abigael Ibikunle, 2017

Whether to live out a dream becoming extremely difficult due to resources or bumping into another dream that tends to snatch the first away, every dream has to be realized regardless. And yes, you need to keep the focus and surround yourself with the right atmosphere that allows you work towards it.

You do everything humanly possible rightly to achieve your dreams even if it means temporary denial of some benefits that comes along with the dreams just to keep the focus. If it seems as if forces or vices won’t allow you realize your dreams, change the path!Only you know your dream, others may only have an idea of what your dream looks like.

Let me take time to answer the previous question I asked about why we wake up every morning. Well, it is very simple! It is because there is no point to anything without dreams. The dreams you dream while sleeping(birthing stage) needs to be realized when you wake up.

What it simply means is that, you don’t have to change your destination because of anyone. It is your basic right to dream, the worst you can do is to change your route!

So, here’s the point,
I know so many people out there are tired of dreaming or even working to achieve their dreams. Of course, being a girl child or a boy child is a whole lot to absorb already. However, it could be because it’s not coming forth or because there are so many forces against the realization.

But your dream is the only thing you have that keeps you going even in the midst of hard times. So, why stop dreaming because of barriers? Don’t give up your dreams because of anyone or anything!

It’s your basic right and you owe it to yourself to achieve that much as you dream. I get tired of wanting to try sometimes too but I have never stopped trying and I think you shouldn’t as well.

Author: Abigael Ibikunle

I am a lover of people and nature.. A passionate educator who enjoys public speaking. A writer whose writing can be triggered by any and everything...

4 thoughts on “Don’t Stop the Dream!”

  1. I’m impressed and this article just gave me a new reason to keep trying never giving up. Life has shown me hell already but I asked myself, why do I still keep dreaming? When the previous ones have not been actualised. Thumbs up, we need people like you the more

    Liked by 1 person

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